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Gift card. Perfect to make a special gift to a special person.

Gift card. Perfect to make a special gift to a special person.

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GIFT CARD. Perfect to make a special gift to a special person.

This product is designed for all those customers who want to give a gift to a person they love, but are not sure what products to give. Well now we make it EASY for you. You only have to choose the amount of the Gift Card and buy it like any other product. We will give you a link to the order so that you can send it to your partner, family member, best friend or friend. And finally, we will get in touch with the lucky person to explain what products they want to include in their order.

Choose the amount you want to give away from the available options: €30, €50, €80, €100 or €120


National Shipping Fee: €6.00

Free National Shipping: Order equal to or greater than €50.

Refund Policy

Our exchange, return and refund policy is clear and is applied consistently with common sense.

- All our products must be able to be consumed perfectly for 10 months. If the product you have received suffers any deterioration or is not in perfect condition, send us a photograph that proves it and you will receive a new product.

- If the packaging of the product you received is broken, rusty and does not comply with the correct guarantees of use, send us a photograph and we will send you a new product.

-You can also change the damaged product for a different product or several of them, as long as the total amount does not exceed the amount of the product you want to change.

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